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Jeannin, P.-Y.; Malard, A.; Rickerl, D.; Weber, E. Assessing karst-hydraulic hazards in tunneling – the Brunnmühle spring system – Bernese Jura, Switzerland 2015 Environmental Earth Sciences 74(12) 7655-7670
Jeannin, Pierre-Yves La problématique du karst lors du creusement d'un tunnel 2007 12/2 27-38
Malard, A.; Jeannin, P.-Y.; Rickerl, D. Impact of a Tunnel on a Karst Aquifer: Application on the Brunnmühle Springs (Bernese Jura,Switzerland) 2015 Hydrogeological and environmental investigations in karst systems. Environmental Earth Sciences 457-463
Jeannin, P.-Y. KARSYS, KarstALEA, la spéléologie et le canton de Neuchâtel 2015 Cavernes
McCormack, T.; Vouillamoz, J.; Gil, L.W.; Lee, M. Modelling Inception Horizons and their Influence on Groundwater Flow Pathways in a Karstic Catchment 2015 Geoscience 2015, Dublin, November 2015, Poster