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Scheidegger, Y.; Brennwald, M.S.; Fleitmann, D.; Jeannin, P.-Y.; Wieler, R.; Kipfer, R. Determination of Holocene cave temperatures from Kr and Xe concentrations in stalagmite fluid inclusions 2011 Chemical Geology 288 61-66
Vouillamoz, J.; McCormack, T. KARSYS approach – an explicit conceptual 3D model for karst hydrologeology 2015 Integrated Hydrogeology: Contemporary Principles, Policy & Practice. IAH, Irish Group. Proceedings of the 35th Annual Groundwater Conference – Tullamore Co. Offaly, Ireland, 21th and 22th April 2015 Session V, 11-18
Vuilleumier, C.; Jeannin, P.-Y.; Perrochet, P. Physics-based fine-scale numerical model of a karst system (Milandre Cave, Switzerland) 2019 Hydrogeology Journal 27 2347-2363