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Jeannin, P.-Y.; Malard, A.; Rickerl, D.; Weber, E. Assessing karst-hydraulic hazards in tunneling – the Brunnmühle spring system – Bernese Jura, Switzerland 2015 Environmental Earth Sciences 74(12) 7655-7670
Hartmann A.; Luetscher M.; Wachter R.; Holz P.; Eiche E.; Neumann T. Technical note: GUARD – An automated fluid sampler preventing sample alteration by contamination, evaporation and gas exchange, suitable for remote areas and harsh conditions 2018 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 4281-4293
Vuilleumier, C.; Jeannin, P.-Y.; Perrochet, P. Physics-based fine-scale numerical model of a karst system (Milandre Cave, Switzerland) 2019 Hydrogeology Journal 27 2347-2363
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Malard, A.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Vouillamoz, J.; Weber, E. An integrated approach for catchment delineation and conduit-network modeling in karst aquifers: application to a site in the Swiss tabular Jura 2015 Hydrogeology Journal 23(7) 1341-1357
Jeannin, P.-Y.; Hessenauer, M.; Malard, A. Impact of Global change on karst groundwater mineralization in the Jura Mountains 2015 The Science of the Total Environment 541 1208-1221
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