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Perrin, J.; Pochon, A.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Zwahlen, F. Vulnerability assessment in karstic areas: validation by field experiments 2004 46 237-245 détails   url
Perrin, J.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Cornaton, F. The role of tributary mixing in chemical variations at a karst spring, Milandre, Switzerland 2007 332 158-173 détails   url
Doerfliger, N.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Zwahlen, F. Water vulnerability assessment in karst environments: a new method of defining protection areas using a multi-attribute approach and GIS tools (EPIK method) 1999 Environmental Geology 39 165-176 détails   url
Becker, A.; Davenport, C.A.; Eichenberger, U.; Gilli, E.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Lacave, C. Speleoseismology: A critical perspective 2006 Journal of Seismology 10 371-388 détails   url
Vouillamoz, J.; McCormack, T. KARSYS approach – an explicit conceptual 3D model for karst hydrologeology 2015 Integrated Hydrogeology: Contemporary Principles, Policy & Practice. IAH, Irish Group. Proceedings of the 35th Annual Groundwater Conference – Tullamore Co. Offaly, Ireland, 21th and 22th April 2015 Session V, 11-18 détails   url
Rickerl, D. Die Anwendung der Methode KARSYS im Kanton St. Gallen 2016 Stalactite 66 (2) 14-17 détails   pdf url
Malard, A.; Jeannin, P.-Y.; Rickerl, D. Impact of a Tunnel on a Karst Aquifer: Application on the Brunnmühle Springs (Bernese Jura,Switzerland) 2015 Hydrogeological and environmental investigations in karst systems. Environmental Earth Sciences 457-463 détails   url
Jeannin, P.-Y.; Malard, A.; Häuselmann, P.; Meury, P.X. Effect of cave ventilation on karst water chemographs 2017 Proceeding of the Eurokarst 2016 Conference, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Sept. 2016 129-139 détails   pdf url
Jeannin, P.-Y.; Malard, A.; Rickerl, D.; Weber, E. Assessing karst-hydraulic hazards in tunneling – the Brunnmühle spring system – Bernese Jura, Switzerland 2015 Environmental Earth Sciences 74(12) 7655-7670 détails   pdf url
Häuselmann, P.; Mihevc, A.; Pruner, P.; Hoacek, I.; Cermak, S.; Hercman, H.; Sahy, D.; Fiebig, M.; Zupan, H.; Bosak, P. Snezna jama (Slovenia): Interdisciplinary dating of cave sediments and implication for landscape evolution 2015 Geomorphology 247 10-24 détails   url
Gretzinger, J; Molak, M; Reiter, E; Pfrengle, S; Urban, Ch; Neukamm, J; Blant, Michel; Conard, N; Cupillard, Christophe Large-scale mitogenomic analysis of the phylogeography of the Late Pleistocene cave bear 2019 Scientific report détails   pdf url
Gabrovsek, F.; Häuselmann, P.; Audra, P. 'Looping caves' versus 'water table caves': The role of base-level changes and recharge variations in cave development 2014 Geomorphology 204 683-691 détails   url
Häuselmann, P.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Monbaron, M. Role of epiphreatic flow and soutirages in conduit morphogenesis: the Bärenschacht example (BE, Switzerland) 2003 47(2) 171-190 détails   url
Häuselmann, P.; Otz, M.; Jeannin, Pierre-Yves A review of dye tracing experiments done in the Siebenhengste karst region (Bern, Switzerland) 2003 96 23-36 détails   url
Häuselmann, P. Sieben Hengste, Hohgant, Schrattenfluh, sixième et dernière partie: les grottes de Saint-Béat 2008 4 51-58 détails   url
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