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Lacave, C.; Koller, M.W.; Eichenberger, U.; Jeannin, P.Y. Prevention of speleothem rupture during nearby construction 2003 43 892-900
Perrin, J.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Zwahlen, F. Implications of the spatial variability of infiltration-water chemistry for the investigation of a karst aquifer: a field study at Milandre test site, Swiss Jura 2003 11 673-686
Perrin, J.; Pochon, A.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Zwahlen, F. Vulnerability assessment in karstic areas: validation by field experiments 2004 46 237-245
Häuselmann, P.; Granger, D.E.; Jeannin, P.Y.; Lauritzen, S.E. Abrupt glacial valley incision at 0.8 Ma dated from cave deposits in Switzerland 2007 Geology 35 143-146