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Archaeozoology platform

The archaeozoology platform is a service provided by the SISKA for speleologists and specialist services in the cantons. Its aim is to provide mutual information between those involved in bone finds and those responsible for protecting geotopes, researchers and curators of palaeontological collections. The first objective of the platform is to ensure the correct identification of remains discovered in caves and to communicate a report to the discoverers. The second objective is to ensure the long-term conservation of these discoveries and to record them in a database. The third objective is to enhance the value of discoveries of heritage interest through radiocarbon dating, specialised studies and scientific publications making the results available to researchers.

The platform publishes a triennial newsletter that serves as a liaison and information exchange body between speleologists and specialist services. The platform's activities are supported by the Scientific Speleology Commission of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (scnat) and are part of the national programme for the conservation of speleological and karst heritage supported by the FOEN.

  • Crâne de bouquetin provenant de la grotte de Giétroz (VS). © Remy Wenger

  • Fouilles à la grotte de Giétroz (VS). © Michel Blant


    Mathieu Luret
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