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The SISKA regularly develops digital tools for the management, processing and visualisation of spatial data (3D geology, water resources, speleological networks, etc.) or temporal data (simulation of recharge and flow, energy flows, etc.) relating to the underground environment.
These tools are used internally by employees or made available to geologists and hydrogeologists, in particular via the webservice or the GitHub ISSKA.
Developments can also be commissioned by public institutions or private companies wishing to benefit from specific tools or digital support for managing and exploiting their geological or hydrogeological data.

Main programming skills

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Rest API
  • Docker
  • PostGis
  • Tailwind CSS

Programming areas

  • GIS Software
  • 2D/3D Data Processing
  • GeoModelling
  • Scripts
  • Web
  • Server
  • Modelling groundwater flow. SISKA

  • 3D geological model of the Les Convers region (NE). SISKA

  • Carte de la vulnérabilité du karst dans le canton du Saint-Gall. ©ISSKA

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